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An entropion is where the eyelid turns towards the eye. It causes the eyelashes to rub against the front of the eye (cornea). Irritation, pain and watering of the eye are the main symptoms.Taping the eyelid to the cheek, lubricant eye ointment and sometimes botulinum toxin injections help to control symptoms. People often require surgery if the problem persists.

What causes an entropion?

  • Senile ( Aging Process)
  • Infection such as trachoma
  • Inflammatory disease such as Steven Johnson Syndrome
  • Congenital

What is the treatment for an entropion?

If the cause is likely to be temporary, such as an infection or minor injury, taping the eyelid to the cheek or injecting the muscles of the eyelid with botulinum toxin may be enough until the condition recovers. Lubricating eye ointment is often prescribed in the meantime to protect the cornea.

If you have a condition which is unlikely to recover by itself, you will be offered surgery. A small operation is performed to turn the eyelid back to its normal position. This stops the eyelashes from rubbing on the eye. The operation is usually successful and prevents any further damage to the front of the eye.

Patient with left lower eyelid entropion

Patient 1 month after left lower eyelid entropion repair