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Laser Vision Correction Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I'm a suitable candidate for laser vision correction?

A comprehensive eye examination is necessary to determine your suitability for laser vision correction. Generally, the ideal candidate must satisfy the following criteria:

  • • Be at least 18 years of age
  • • Have had stable vision for at least one year (stable refractive prescription of ± 0.5 Diopter)
  • • Healthy cornea
  • • Healthy eye that is free from any diseases
  • • Good general health
  • • Must not be pregnant or nursing

See our Doctor for more information and to determine if you are a candidate for the Laser Vision Correction.

2. Do I need to lay off my contact lens before the comprehensive eye examination?

It is recommended to lay off your contact lens for 1 day before the eye examination.

If you have decided to proceed with the surgery, then you are recommended to lay off your contact lens at least 1 week (for soft contact lens wearers) and 3 weeks (for semi hard or RGP contact lens wearers).

3. What tests are being done during the eye examination?

  • • Visual Acuity
  • • Refraction – Check Eye Power
  • • External Eye Examination
  • • Fundus Eye Examination
  • • Intraocular Pressure Examination
  • • Ocular Crystalline Lens Examination
  • • External Ocular Muscle Assessment
  • • Corneal Topography – Mapping the Surface Curvature of the Cornea
  • • Corneal Pachymetry – Check Corneal Thickness
  • • Amblyopia Assessment – Lazy Eye Check
  • • Dry Eye Assessment

4. How long does the comprehensive eye examination take?

It takes around 2 hours. You are advised to make advance appointment for the examination. As the examination requires dilation of eye, therefore it is recommended to arrange transportation with a friend/relative.

5. Is the laser painful?

No, the procedure itself is painless as it is performed with local anaesthetic eye drops. After the procedure, you may experience some gritty sensation and watery eyes. These are temporary symptoms and are not a problem for most patients.

6. What are the dos and don'ts after laser vision correction?

    • • Do not rub or press on the eyes
    • • Avoid soap and water in the eye for one week
    • • No eye makeup for one week
    • • No swimming and contact sports for two to three weeks
    • • Driving is not encouraged until after the 1st follow-up visit

7. Is the laser vision correction procedure risky?

Every surgical procedure carries surgical risks, although the risk involved is negligible and the success rate is very high. You are advised to have your eyes properly evaluated and examined by the eye surgeon prior to surgery. So be sure you discuss all options in detail with your eye surgeon or eye care provider before making any final choices.

8. Are there any side effects after laser vision correction?

Some people experience dry eyes after the procedure. This can be overcome by applying lubricating eye drops and it will disappear over time. Some others may experience haloes around light which is normally temporary.

9. Will my refractive error reoccur after the laser vision correction procedure?

The modification of the cornea shape by the laser is permanent. The laser vision correction procedure will only be done if you have stable refractive prescription.